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Lighted Bases

Beautiful Sculptures Deserve To Be Beautifully Illuminated

Once you have found the perfect sculpture, you will want to display it for all to admire and appreciate. Whether in a home, office building, museum or public display, lighting is an  important element to consider. Highlighting the textures, colors and details in your artwork will create a focal point that will have all eyes drawn to it.

Lighted bases are all personally designed and built by Michael Anthony, a master wood craftsman with decades of experience. They are all designed to accentuate and aesthetically complement each piece, and blend in with the art as one. Browse through the images below to view the lighted bases and how they showcase the displayed art.



Lighting behind, on top, or around your hanging art is also a way to make the art more prominent and noticeable.

Indirect lighting, when properly designed and installed, draws eyes to the art on display like nothing else can do.

Illumination to Enhance Art

Art evokes emotion and prompts reaction.  A fine work of art makes a statement about the owner, and it is important that this statement comes through effectively.

Proper lighting helps to convey the message of the artwork. Michael Anthony understands this, and it is demonstrated in his lighting designs.

Before with Boring, Traditional Lighting
After Creating a Stunning Atmosphere

Lighting for Art

Michael and his wife Estella are both well-known artists in their fields. Estella wanted lighting for her sculptures that would be as beautiful as her art. Naturally she turned to the person who would create the best. 

 A new line of lighting was born from Michael Anthony Studio. A variety of solutions are available for sculpture (freestanding, tabletop or suspended) or paintings.


Our studio, workshop, offices, inventory and shipping are all located in north central Florida. Every lighting product that is created is handmade at our facility.  You are buying a product that is Made in the USA

Displays Pretty as a Picture
Lights Perfectly Positioned
Soft Natural Color
Inset for Protection

Each lighting design is intended to bring out the subtle nuances and intricate details of the artwork. Here, a radiant glow emanates in a way that is only possible with a combination of applied illumination and a discerning artistic eye.

Stunning Everywhere
Aesthetically Elegant
Tastefully Designed
Ideally Shaped