Art Agent

Illumination to Enhance Art

Art evokes emotion and prompts reaction. Owning a piece of artwork makes a statement about the owner, and it is important this statement comes through clearly and effectively. Proper lighting enhances the message behind the artwork, and Michael Anthony Studio understands this better than most anyone.


Example 1:

For centuries, artists have been using lighting to alter the way people perceive their work. This practice has been honed down to a science, and is applied in an absolutely genius way with the lighted platforms created by Michael Anthony Studio. 

Example 2:

Each distinctive is designed to bring out the most subtle of nuances and most intricate elements of the artwork itself and adds a glow of pure radiance to whatever it shines its light upon in a way that is only possible through a combination of applied illumination and a discerning artistic eye.


Example 3:

Lighting behind, on top, or around your hanging art is also a way to make the art more prominent and noticeable.

Indirect lighting, when properly designed and installed, draws eyes to the art on display like nothing else can do.

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